Workshops and Trainings


  • Mar 01, 2021



Biopharmaceuticals: Product Lifecycle

AIC-LMCP, LMCP and Intas Biopharmaceuticals launched a Certification Course on ‘Biopharmaceuticals: Product Lifecycle’ (90 h online and hands-on course) for the benefit of students and early-stage researchers to develop understanding and skills about the product lifecycle for biopharmaceuticals which is the future of therapeutic modalities and make the participants industry-ready. First batch of 30 students and early researchers will be the beneficiaries of this course.


  • 26



Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance

AIC-LMCP and LMCP launched a certificate course on ‘Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance’. This course was aimed at training the students with an overview of the global regulatory environment in clinical safety and pharmacovigilance for all medical products (biopharmaceutical products, advanced therapies and medical devices), with a focus on pragmatic approaches to protecting patient safety. First batch of 13 students were the beneficiaries of this training.

  • 13 Feb



Cliantha conducted training on LC-MS/MS (API 3000)

Mr. Narendra Chauhan, Application Engineer, Cliantha conducted training on LC-MS/MS (API 3000). He imparted in depth operational knowledge about this technique covering theoretical and practical aspect (hands-on training to operate the instrument). About 30 students and staff got benefited from this training.

  • Jan 28, 2020



Training on Sophisticated Instruments

As a part of Faculty Development Programme, “Training on Sophisticated Instruments” was organized. This half day workshop included operational demonstration of sophisticated instruments - Lyophilizer, Dissolution Apparatus, Particle Size Analyzer and Stability Chamber. The trainer for the workshop were Mr. Anandakumar R. (ASM-Spinco Biotech Pvt. Ltd.) and Ms. Priyal Shah (Lab Technician - AIC-LMCP Foundation).

  • Jan 21, 2020



Hands on Training on Flash Chromatography

As a part of Faculty Development Programme, “Hands on Training on Flash Chromatography” was organized. Ms Divya Teli (Assistant Prof. LMCP) conducted this training session covering operation, maintenance and application of Flash Chromatography.


  • Sep 13, 2019



High Performance Liquid Chromatography with PDA Detector

A one-day workshop was organized for hands-on training on ‘High Performance Liquid Chromatography with PDA Detector’ involving a detailed theory session followed by practical session to get in depth understanding of operating the instrument. Mr. Gunavat Yadav from Spinco Biotech conducted the workshop where 32 students and faculty participated.

  • April 29, 2019



Application of Stability and Photo stability Chambers

The training focused on operation, maintenance and application of stability and photo stability chambers for studying the impact of exposure to various temperature, humidity and light intensity on integrity of drug/formulation.

  • May 09, 2019 to May 10, 2019

09 to 10


Training on Flash Chromatography

The training focused on operation, maintenance and application of Flash Chromatography for purification of compounds of interest along with hands-on operation.

  • May 21, 2019 to May 23, 2019

21 to 23


Training on Sophisticated Instruments

Training and Hands-on operation for researchers was organized on different Sophisticated Instruments like Micro and analytical balances, dissolution tester, HPLC, UV, Lyophilizer, stability and photostability chamber to gain in depth knowledge

  • June 27, 2019



Training on Particle Size Analyzer

This training covered operation, maintenance and application of Particle Size analyser (Malvern, Master seizer 3000) for estimation of particle size distribution for APIs, other components which is the critical parameter for pharmaceutical formulations.



Session on SciFinder

AIC-LMCP Foundation organized a training session on SciFinder database (A Chemical Abstract Services solution, from American Chemical Society) for the researchers in the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare and life sciences. This training session covered applicability of SciFinder database in scientific literature search including prior art search for intellectual property/patents. It also included ways to optimize the search and effective use of the 'search' information. The trainer was Mr. Vinit Kunte, the Application Specialist, ACS India.