Incubatee Profile

  • BellaPure OncoPhytoceuticals LLP

    BellaPure’s mission is to strengthen the backbone of pharmaceutical industry by providing plant sourced high potency anti-cancer active pharmaceutical ingredients, impuritystandards, reference standards and precursors through supply chain consolidation and research driven process optimization, with an eye towards long term objective of venturing into biopharmaceuticals development. BellaPure will carry out its mission while adhering to highest standards of purity, quality, data integrity and ethical integrity.

  • Mtag Innovations LLP

    Mtag is a drug integrity management platform leveraging smart sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the real time degradation of sensitive life saving drugs in the supply chain and is set to build the industry's first cost-effective integrity management solution. Mtag’s technology creates brand new resources and provides access to an untapped knowledge base by integrating the latest technologies into a one-stop innovative product integrity management platform.

  • Chris Knight Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.

    Chris Knight Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is working on the high quality, healthier nutrition solutions i.e. High nutrition low calories drinks with Natural Nourishment which is fortified with essential micronutrients. It uses Non-nutritive natural sweeteners, as they have no nutritional benefits with low calories or no calories that helps in withstanding the market with new flavoured healthy and nutritional products.

  • Psoriacure

    With a large source of traditional resources, Psoriacure is working on converting traditional wisdom for the treatment of psoriasis into product for the benefit of psoriasis patients and thus, for the treatment of psoriasis.

  • Redicine Medsol

    Redicine Medsol is working on 'RE-MED' - a compartment box that enables patients and patient care/healthcare staff to comply with administration of specific medicines by alerting at pre-described time, by sending notification on the cellphone as well as notifying the doctors and relatives in case of emergency.

  • PVS Remedies

    PVS Remedies is working on formulation of the innovative pharmaceutical products in Ayurvedic science which is the most flourished area for the prevention and cure of diseases worldwide. PVS Remedies focuses on Ayurvedic sciences for the treatment of Diabetes and Thyroid disorder.

  • Dr. ExploRemedies LLP

    Dr. ExploRemedies LLP is working on an innovative teaching aid - SimuRat - which efficiently replaces the experimental animals (even the same innovation can be transformed into a dog mannequin and even human mannequin).

  • Anya Biopharm LLP

    Anya Biopharm focuses on oral administration of protein with a special feature of no chemical modification of the active peptide compound.

  • Bionics Environment Solutions Private Limited

    Bionics Environment Solutions Private Limited has a vision to solve complex urban challenges by closing the gap between people and their understanding to immediate environment. It is working on a health monitoring device based on environmental exposure.

  • Eximburg International Pvt. Ltd.

    Bionics Environment Solutions Private Limited has a vision to solve complex urban challenges by closing the gap between people and their understanding to immediate environment. It is working on a health monitoring device based on environmental exposure.

  • AnV-Stat

    AnV-Stat is working on herbal hemostatic formulation in the First-Aid-Kit, to benefit the population at the target site and at an affordable cost. Inclusion of this formulation in the First-Aid Kit would enhance the quality of care in the emergency condition till the medical care is opted to prevent a fatality. It would reduce the need for blood transfusion and would be a boon to our superheroes and a rural population where the healthcare facility is inadequate. Besides, the therapeutic benefit of formulation could be further extended in other bleeding circumstances resulting during surgery and post-surgery.

  • SALUS Food Testing Laboratories

    SALUS is working on development of various tests for different food items. It aspires to offer niche food testing services to build confidence of the consumers about the quality of food that is being consumed, by building an accredited laboratory offering these testing services.

  • Rises Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    RISES is a private limited company working on high-tech healthcare AI solutions at scale. It has a vision to bridge the gap between patients and timely medical intervention and to extend diagnostic decision-making support to medical professionals in order to serve patients with efficacy, accuracies and insights, with innovative technology TRAP (Treatment Response Assessment & Predictions).

  • A.S.E Analytics LLP

    A.S.E Analytics LLP is involved in development of technology for artificial sensory evaluation and testing services for pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, water and beverage industries.

  • Medgreen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Medgreen Technologies has a vision to provide seamless delivery of Pharmaceutical products and pathology lab sample collection service to doorstep. It is working towards building the first choice of digital healthcare platform for basic healthcare needs.

  • Sano Sarvar Pvt. Ltd. (eVital)

    Sano Sarvar is working on Healthcare technology, cloud-based SaaS platform – for local pharmacy to offer Online pharmacy types of services by providing high quality services to their patients. It is working on a solution for local pharmacies for seamlessly integrated services of buying from Distributors, managing inventory and selling to patients.

  • RepliGene Life Sciences LLP

    RepliGene is engaged in the business of preparing, manufacturing of biologics, gene therapy, plasmids, vaccines, immunogens and phylacogens.

  • CallingHealth

    CallingHealth is an e-commerce platform facilitating purchase of Home Healthcare Products (High-value, affordable, readily available products including Self-Monitoring Devices) and providing access pathological testing services working at the intersection of Healthcare and Technology.

  • Vizvas Nose Filters

    Vizvas is working on a Product – Nose Filters that are invisible, can be used anytime and anywhere to safeguard from pollution and its health impact. The product contains two components – a frame and the filters. The product will help to prevent pollution related health hazards.

  • QRL Bioscience LLP

    QRL Bioscience LLP is developing next generation innovative solutions for controlling healthcare associated infections (HAI) in patients and healthcare environments.

  • Nutritional Dynamic Foods LLP

    Nutritional Dynamic Foods LLP is working on the food and beverages products using organic natural vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains; avoiding any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. With low fat and high nutrition, these natural food products help losing weight while providing enough required nutrition to the body.

  • Nurster

    Nurster is working on a completely wireless nurse-calling device for hospitals and caretaker homes. This device will help patients in hospitals and nursing homes, at places where patients are at their most vulnerable, such as beside their bed and in the bathroom. It allows patients in healthcare settings to alert a nurse or other healthcare staff member remotely of their need for help.

  • Emplace Research Pvt. Ltd.

    Emplace Research Pvt. Ltd. stems from solid scientific knowledge and deep understanding of the requirements of a sustainable biopharmaceutical industry in India. Emplace’s mission is to build the support for the biopharmaceutical industry in India and also become a global partner of choice for supply of high-quality enzymes/proteins. Its product portfolio will include enzymes and proteins used in vaccine and biopharma industry and also the food and nutraceutical industry.