Incubatee Profile

  • BellaPure OncoPhytoceuticals LLP

    BellaPure’s mission is to strengthen the backbone of pharmaceutical industry by providing plant sourced high potency anti-cancer active pharmaceutical ingredients, impuritystandards, reference standards and precursors through supply chain consolidation and research driven process optimization, with an eye towards long term objective of venturing into biopharmaceuticals development. BellaPure will carry out its mission while adhering to highest standards of purity, quality, data integrity and ethical integrity.

  • Mtag Innovations LLP

    Mtag is a drug integrity management platform leveraging smart sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the real time degradation of sensitive life saving drugs in the supply chain and is set to build the industry's first cost-effective integrity management solution. Mtag’s technology creates brand new resources and provides access to an untapped knowledge base by integrating the latest technologies into a one-stop innovative product integrity management platform.